Purchase Your Dream Vacation House at Tagaytay Highlands

Purchase Your Dream Vacation House at Tagaytay Highlands

When people think of Tagaytay, they envision a relaxing town for vacationers that is convenient to go to. Just a 90 minute drive away from Metro Manila, many flock to Tagaytay to experience the cool weather, enjoy the culinary delights, and explore different destinations. And considering how close Tagaytay is to the Metro, why not just get your own vacation house instead of constantly spending to rent a house or book a hotel room?

If you’re looking for that perfect vacation house for sale in Tagaytay, then Tagaytay Highlands is just the place for you. Its prime and premiere location as well as its plush amenities will certainly satisfy your holiday needs.

Buy, Don’t Rent

With Tagaytay being a short drive away from the Metro, chances are, you’ll be in the area at least once a month to escape the fast-paced capital. This makes buying a vacation house the most practical choice for you instead of renting one. With renting, there is always the possibility of hotels and rest houses becoming fully booked. Thankfully, Tagaytay Highlands doesn’t just offer living spaces - they offer houses that go beyond what their clients expect.

Decorate to Your Heart’s Content

The great thing about Tagaytay Highlands is it offers a perpetual holiday vibe without sacrificing luxury and comfort - that is the best thing our homes can offer.

Different Lodging Communities to Choose From

Everyone has their own unique styles and personalities that they want to be represented in their homes. Tagaytay Highlands recognizes those desires for uniqueness and self-expression, so we cater to that need by offering a variety of lodgings for you to pick from. Choose one from more than 160 log cabins with several different layouts from The Woodlands. If you’re more attracted to a condominium type of unit, check out Woodridge Place.

If you want to see more information and photos of the other communities from which you can purchase your vacation house, take a look at the various Tagaytay Highlands properties available.

Boredom Not an Option

That vacation house will definitely be put to its best use if you’ve got your extended family or your friends to invite over so they can have new, exciting, and lavish things to see, hear, taste, feel, and do. Here at Tagaytay Highlands, you’ll find plenty of activities to fill your vacation schedule such as fishing, horseback riding, swimming, golf and many others. On the other hand, if relaxation is your aim, head over to our Sports Center sauna for a massage. Either way, whatever you choose to do, you’ll be doing it in the most enjoyable and luxurious way possible.

For more information regarding our vacation homes for sale, feel free to contact us. Do enjoy during your holiday here in the place many before you have called their “second home”, Tagaytay Highlands.