For Sale: Your Dream Tagaytay Home at Tagaytay Highlands

Your Dream Tagaytay Home at Tagaytay Highlands

At some point in our lives, we will want to live in a place away from the stress of city life. If you’re on the lookout for the best Tagaytay homes for sale, look no further than Tagaytay Highlands. It stands at the top as the premiere haven and the most exclusive getaway for people who need to take a break from the chaos that is the Metro. It is a grand and splendid place to live in, a mountain resort hideaway that caters to anybody’s extravagant taste.

Choose the Vacation Lifestyle

Tagaytay Highlands has the most exquisite and astonishing homes that will make you feel like everyday living is such a bliss. Nestled in the hills of Tagaytay and surrounded by the magnificence of nature that people could only dream to experience, you can enjoy a lifestyle that constantly relaxes and replenishes you.

A Variety of Styles to Choose From

Every home is unique and holds a unique beauty and prowess that spells out the personalities and lifestyles of their owners. Tagaytay Highlands proudly caters to every person’s unique taste in interior and style. From the wondrous Lakeview Heights that boasts 4 bedrooms with 315 sq., in size to the fusion of traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture offered by Katsura, there’s a little piece of home for everybody.

Tagaytay Highlands features expansive residential lots, rustic log cabins, and plush condominiums all ready for you to occupy and call ‘home’. For the residential lots, there are over sixteen concept projects to choose from, all of which have their own themes and aesthetics that would fit your tastes. As for the log cabins, you have two options: Woodlands Point and The Woodlands. Both of which offer an atmosphere of respite and natural beauty in the heart of an evergreen mountain glade.

Luxury Living at its Finest

Tagaytay Highlands is the standard for luxury living. As if the facilities would not entice you enough, the cool climate and the astounding aesthetic that that the natural surroundings of Tagaytay Highlands holds would give you an awe-inspiring air that will make you truly feel the comfort and closeness to nature of a country club life. Enjoy a pleasant lifestyle with amenities that will amaze you every single time: Helipads, Country Clubs, Swimming Pools, Spas, and fine dining in one of many exquisite world-class restaurants found within the resort community. All of these are specially catered according to what your heart desires.

Be a Part of this Premiere Residential Place

Tagaytay Highlands stays true to their motto “For those who deserve the finer things in Life” and you can be sure that nothing falls short. As one of the most sought after residential places in the country only a fool would even for a second think about not living in this place. A life of luxury and comfort is just a 90 minute drive away from the Metro, what more can you ask for?

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