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The Keys to Having a Perfect Vacation Home

For those who want to live in the perfect second home, look no further than Tagaytay Highlands. Situated on a mountain ridge a short drive away from Manila, its beautiful surroundings and relaxing atmosphere make it a perfect place to unwind. Its multi-themed vacation homes provide a wide spectrum of choice for buyers too, and while they are beautiful in their own right, owners can find ways to improve and personalize them even further.

After all, the way a home is decorated has a psychological impact on its owner. Here are some tips on making your living space more homey and relaxing.


Give your rooms functional aesthetics

While many consider the bedroom to be the only truly “personal” room in the house, owners should remember that it is not the only space that requires customization. Each and every one must be creatively harmonious so it may evoke a certain feeling when a person is in it.

Take note of the following manipulable elements that could heavily influence any room:


Displaying items such as flowers, paintings, statues, and other little knick-knacks can do a lot to change the atmosphere of any given room. Perhaps consider adding a colorful vase of flowers in an otherwise monochrome space, or hanging an intricate painting against a plainly colored wall. Maybe even consider arranging your favorite items – such as books, collectibles, and other paraphernalia – in a strikingly aesthetic way for more effect.


Any given room’s brightness will ultimately dictate its overall feeling. Dim, closeted rooms with heavy curtains convey a feeling of smallness and quiet, making it perfect for low energy activities such as sleeping, browsing the internet, watching TV, or reading an e-book. Bright rooms on the other hand, especially those that have high amounts of natural light, are great for active tasks like reading, sports, cooking, and the like. It’s also good for de-stressing and keeping your body clock in check. Basically, always ensure that your lighting matches your room’s function.


Painting the room the right colors can also affect your mood. Greens, blues, whites, greys, beiges and other natural tones can help keep the mood calm, away from any sort of energy. This is good for homes who desire a quainter look and have no desire for overly-eye catching features. However, keep in mind that the colors used will have an effect on our minds.



Remember that in order to make your Tagaytay vacation home as relaxing as possible, all you need to do is to customize it to your needs and preference. Pay attention to your decorations, lighting, and paint, as these are the three most prominent factors that affect any given home’s interior.

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