4 Tagaytay Souvenirs to Look Out For

Tagaytay has long been known for being a prime vacation destination. Its refreshingly cool climate, its abundance of recreational spots, and its natural, nigh picturesque beauty has charmed people from all over the country and beyond. So, it should come as no surprise that many have also regarded it to be a primary area for those looking to buy a home for sale; Tagaytay’s close proximity to Manila and its inherent riches in terms of entertainment and leisure make it the perfect place for a weekend break with the family.

Tagaytay Highlands, the most sought-after luxury residential developer in the area, provides a multitude of themed family-friendly homes to choose from. In addition, numerous amenities and recreational activities – all situated within the complex itself – await its members and their guests. Get all the perks and comforts of home with all that Tagaytay has to offer in one complete package!

But regardless of whether or not you’re looking to spend a month or just a quick weekend in your Tagaytay home, picking up a souvenir or two never hurt. Especially not for your friends and family who’ll receive them!

Take a look at our top souvenir suggestions:


This wildly popular board game is sure to delight its receiver, especially if they are the type who are fond of arts and crafts. It traditionally takes the form of one long, boat-like wooden board with 7 rounded depressions at set intervals, and 2 large depressions at each end. Woodworked and hand-painted designs often accentuate the board, giving each one a unique look. In order to play on it, the use of decorative – yet uniform – shells or round marbles are required. These also come in a wide spectrum of designs, ranging from conventional plain white shells to shining glass marbles.

These are a common find in Tagaytay, often sold in stalls that specialize in souvenirs. Kultura Butik, found on the East Wing, Ground Floor of the Taal Vista Hotel, is one such shop. Another is the 1 Love Gift Shop, located down the road (towards the Rotonda).

Wearables & Accessories

Filipinos are known worldwide for their expertise in craftsmanship. Many souvenir shops dotted around the city sell varied handmade products – wearables especially. This can range from scarves, to shirts, to even handbags. Keychains are another prominent tourist souvenir; what better way to prove to your friends that you’ve been to Tagaytay than by giving them colorful, handmade guitar keychains with the city – and their names – artfully painted on them?

The People’s Park in the Sky and Picnic Grove, both popular tourist spots, have souvenir shops overflowing with these items and more. There are also a couple of stalls that have these items situated behind the Starbucks along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. Last but not the least – Olivarez Plaza, located along the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, is another well-known shopping center for such items and more.

Local Delicacies

Dried fruits, baked goods, preserved meats – you name it, they have it. Tagaytay is a popular hub when it comes to traditional Filipino food. Buko pies, pastillas, biscuits, and other goodies are easy to find and purchase as the shops that sell them are often found on the side of the main roads.

The Tagaytay-Santa Rosa Road, in particular, is dotted with shops that sell these treats. Maria’s Pasalubong, Balai Pasalubong, and Fernando’s Delicacies there are a definite must-try. Colette’s, found along the Tagaytay-Calamba Road and near the Rotonda, is another pastry shop worth checking out – they have the best buko pies in the area.

Tagaytay Highlands Eco-Friendly Activities

Flora, Fruits, and Vegetables

Tagaytay’s amiable climate isn’t just good for the people, it’s good for the vegetation, too. There are a considerable number of plant shops in the area, selling all kinds of flora that are hard to find anywhere else. Orchids, Cacti, Ponsettias, small trees, bonsais, and a staggering variety of both house and garden plants are only some of the many that are available for purchase there. The Mahogany Market is a lovely place to go plant shopping as everything you’ll want is in one place; fruit bearing trees, herbs, ornamental plants, and flowers of all kinds are available right there. On the part nearest to the rotunda, the Tagaytay-Calamba road is also lined with small-time flower shops.

On the other hand, small stalls that sell fresh fruits and vegetables can also often be found along roads with considerable traffic. For example: those coming from the Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road are bound to have seen small-time vendors peddling their goods at the roadside, often right in front of the very fields in which they came from. But for those who want a central hub to shop in, then the Tagaytay City Market – found along the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road – is definitely the place to go.

Tagaytay: The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Tagaytay has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful places to live in the country. With its naturally charming environment, pleasant views and the availability of a myriad of activities to partake in, it’s no wonder how it rose to be one of the preferred vacation spots in the country.

It has also been a primary area to look for vacation homes for sale given its proximity to areas of leisure and closeness to the capital make it a prime getaway giving residents access to great leisure destinations, perfect for family bonding.

Take a look at only some of the many nearby locations one can visit when in the area:

Visit the Sky Ranch

Perfect for a party of any size, the Sky Ranch is an intimate amusement park with rides for both kids and adults alike to enjoy. Equipped with a zip line, a Viking ride, a carousel, and the country’s tallest ferris wheel, it’s an absolute must-go for tourists and locals alike.


See the Taal Volcano

When one thinks of picturesque spots in Tagaytay, the Taal Volcano and the surrounding lake always comes to mind. As one of the most alluring spots in the country, even a quick tour is sure to delight any traveler with a penchant for natural beauty.

Tour the People’s Park in the Sky

Built during the Marcos Era, this lavish mansion turned public park is a signature Philippine spot. What once stood as a testament to the excess of the country’s past governing powers now spends its days as a scenic, high-altitude area for people to enjoy.

tagaytay highlands aerial view

Live in Tagaytay Highlands

The country club, for one, stands as a universal recreation center filled to the brim with activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Within it lies a sports center – complete with an indoor basketball court, a billiards hall, and an indoor squash court, among others – that encourages the healthy lifestyle. It also houses several restaurants with different cuisine specialties that are sure to fit once taste.

Other amenities include golf courses, a spa and lodge, a country club with indoor recreational amenities like a lap pool and bowling lanes, an Animal Farm, sports center and a lot of nature activities for  people of adventurous spirit. Surely, there is an activity fit to one’s liking.

Tagaytay Highlands offers an unparalleled holistic lifestyle experience in the area. Why go far when you can have it all in one place? Be part of this community and you’ll never have to wonder about your next weekend again.


The Top 3 Books You Should Read this Month

Reading is usually considered to be an indoor activity, but for those who love to spend their time outside the walls of their home, it is a pursuit just as good anywhere else. Imagine reading a good book with its pages bathed in the natural light of the outdoors, while you yourself are seated under a large tree that shades you from the sun. The gentle, ambient sounds of nature lightly ring in your ears as you turn from one page to another, the wind delicately guiding your hand as you do so.

It is a relaxing image, and one that can easily be turned into reality for those who buy a vacation home for sale in Tagaytay Highlands. The cool, relaxing atmosphere, the all-around envelop of nature, and the peaceful community all stand as a testament to the harmonious tranquility that its properties offer.

So on your next visit to the property, make sure to bring a great book to enjoy while basking in nature’s charm. Here are our top picks, from international best sellers this month:


the girl on the train book cover
The Girls on the Train’s book cover from the author’s official site.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Dubbed as the next “Gone Girl”, British author Paula Hawkins presented her readers with “The Girl on the Train”. A psychological thriller, the story follows the story of three women: Rachel, Megan, and Anna. With mystery and an unexpected betrayal as the heart of the story, it’s sure to keep readers always on the verge of flipping to the next page. This novel is slated to be adapted into a film by Dreamworks Pictures and is scheduled for release on October 2016.

louise penny's a great reckoning book cover
Louise Penny’s A Great Reckoning Book Cover from Amazon

A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny

An intricate old map resurfaces from the walls of the Three Pines bistro. While it first seems insignificant, over time, it then becomes the catalyst for a full blown mystery. When Armand Gamache receives it as a gift on his first day on the job, it guides him to places, both old and new, that he must conquer one way or another. The situation is then made even more complicated when his relationship with a mysterious, rough cadet named Amelia Choquet becomes the focus of the investigation. Their search for a resolution leads them to back to Three Pines – and a great reckoning.

jd robb apprentice in death
J.D. Robb’s Apprentice in Death book cover from Barnes & Noble.

Apprentice in Death by J.D. Robb

When Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the NYPSD is mired in a case that involves random killings at Central Park, she finds that they were executed with the use of a sniper rifle miles away – by someone well-trained in the use of it, no less. With the help of her husband, Roarke, she uncovers more information about the killer – or more specifically, killers. It turns out that there are two – an older and a younger – and that the expert is training the other in the science of killing for a future plan. When another sniper attack shakes the city to its core, Eve realizes that some people are simply born to be evil.

5 Indoor Plants Ideal for your Vacation Home

Tagaytay, with its picturesque surroundings, cool climate, numerous recreational spots and overall beauty, is the perfect location for those looking to have a second home away from the hustle and bustle of daily city scene. Locals and foreigners alike actively seek Tagaytay for its vacation homes for sale, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Tagaytay Highlands – the country’s premier mountain resort community.

As the most sought after developer for its wide spectrum of vacation home properties, Tagaytay Highlands offers its residents more than just themed houses to live in. It also offers a wide range of amenities and recreational option for residents, club members and guests to enjoy – all this while surrounded by the majesty of nature.

Likewise, the life and grace of the outdoors can be just as easily brought inside your own home for you to delight in. Cozy up your personal space by bringing in low-maintenance plants – perfect for thriving in vacation homes.

Consider the following plants to spruce up your living space:


Snake Plant

Comprised of long, green, vertical leaves that are sure to catch the eye, the Snake Plant is both decorative and functional. Upon placing it in free draining soil in a pot, it all becomes a matter of basic maintenance. It can survive in minimal sunlight, requires little water, and according to a study from NASA, it removes airborne household toxins (such as formaldehyde and benzene), which makes it the perfect houseplant.


Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a closet plant that can survive in nigh unfriendly conditions, making it robust enough to be able to live indoors with minimal care. It is characterized by the white hood-like leaf bracts that grow over its actual flowers, which make it a wonderful choice for those who prefer subtle indoor decoration.


Jade Plant

Visually fascinating and a symbol for good luck, the Jade Plant is a popular choice among those who enjoy caring for plants in their homes and offices. Growing them properly is easy; they thrive in bright sunlight, cool temperatures, and require only moderate watering. While alluring on its own, it is best displayed alongside other, bigger plants to form a truly elegant indoor ensemble.



Pepermomias come in numerous varieties, all of which make wonderful additions to any open space. Its bright, textured leaves coupled with its striking patterns allow it to adorn any place with relative ease. In addition, it is small and very easy to care for, only needing low to medium light and a spare amount of watering. Just make sure that its roots are not congested in order to allow air to circulate around it.



Home cooks will be delighted to know that Mint can be grown indoors. Not only will it provide a fresh source of the ingredient, but it will also freshen up your home’s atmosphere with that crisp, signature smell we all know and love – all while keeping mosquitoes away. Luckily, maintaining it is all a matter of keeping it moist and exposing it to indirect sunlight.

Enthusiastic gardeners are not limited to the insides of their homes, though. They can visit the Greenlands and enjoy hectares of land dedicated to organic farming development. They can also visit the local pick and pay market, ensuring that they get only the freshest produce available.

Tagaytay Highlands also holds an annual tree planting activity for its residents, members, and their guest to enjoy – be sure to participate on its next run!

Tips and Tricks: 4 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Tagaytay Highlands is known to be the pioneer of country club homes in Tagaytay with  its premium residential offerings providing its residents with comfortable, luxurious communities enveloped by the beauty of nature. Strategically located, Tagaytay Highlands is an ideal primary home due to its proximity to Manila and central Tagaytay – allowing easy access to all of the cities’ conveniences. These advantages are guaranteed within Tagaytay Higlands’ community as well, given the wide range of facilities it has to offer.

The conveniences of modern living however, make us prone to leaving a carbon footprint behind. This phenomenon contributes to global warming. It may be inevitable, but is definitely manageable.

Tagaytay Highlands has always been committed to upholding a harmonious relationship with nature and its surroundings. That’s why reducing one’s carbon footprint is considered in the property’s planning – considering residents, members and team members, all of whom share the belief that nature is to be preserved, enjoyed, and taken care of.

Engage in More Outdoor Activities

While the people of today are content to spend their days indoors in front of their gadgets, a little time outside can actually do a lot of good for both the individual and the environment. Any time spent outdoors is less time spent at home, which means less power is consumed and less energy is needed to keep things running.

Tagaytay Highlands offers a wide range of outdoor activities to its community. Play a full game of golf, ride the ATV and discover its nature trails, walk around your village or swim at the pool. These are just some of the activity options guaranteed to keep one’s leisurely pursuits for the day.

Support Local Produce

Not only will buying local produce ensure the freshness of the item, but it will also reduce the vehicles needed to transport imported goods. Tagaytay Highlands is home to an organic vegetable farm at The Greenlands. Participate in their pick and pay market and get some of the freshest produce in the area. Better yet, start your own containerized farm at your Highlands home!

two girls watering plant


While seemingly minor, planting a single tree or flowering plant in your backyard can reduce carbon levels significantly. Not only do they provide fresh air and shade from the sun, they also make a good home and backyard accent

Tagaytay Highlands holds an annual tree planting activity for residents, members and their guests – make sure to try and participate next time.

Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

Re-purpose or recycle all your old items instead of rushing over to buy a new one. Get creative and find alternative uses to some of your stuff to help reduce trash that’s being sent to the landfill.