Tagaytay Weddings: Buffet vs Family-Style

Tagaytay Highlands is, without a doubt, the perfect place where you can hold an event. The scenic environment is a nice break from the usual city bustle an individual experiences and Tagaytay Highlands is committed to delivering high quality services to its clients. After the event, you, your family, and guests can spend the night away in the luxurious vacation houses for sale in Tagaytay. What more can you ask for, right?

Speaking of food, it is no surprise that it is involved in any Filipino event, especially in weddings. It is known that Filipinos have always considered eating as one of the greatest pleasures in life which meant that any celebration, may it be an exchange of vows between a new couple, would always entail a table full of delicious food. Whether it is the usual cake-ice-cream-spaghetti menu or whether it is something copied off a famous restaurant’s menu, Filipinos would never fail to gather round and enjoy the blessings of food they received.

With that being said, this question now comes into the couple’s minds: how will they serve the food to their guests? Two styles have been popular recently, which are the buffet and the family-style. What are the pros and cons of each?


In a buffet, food is typically served in chafing dishes or on platters made of either ceramic or glass. These platters are then placed on banquet tables and guests walk along either side of it to help themselves to the food. It is also an option to have staff at each dish to help the guests. Buffets may be scaled up or down to match the formality of the wedding but they lend a much more informal feel compared to family style meals. They are best for informal wedding receptions or when the couple is on a tighter budget.

Pros: Buffets enable the couple to offer their guests with a large variety of food in sizable amounts. With this service style, the last thing that can happen is for the guests to go home hungry. Unlike in a plated meal where the guests may not like the served food, they can simply stand up and choose something else to eat. Buffets also encourage the guests to be mobile, giving them opportunities to mingle with each other. If the couple does not have an assigned seating or are tight on space, buffets are a perfect option since not all of the guests will be seated at the same time.

Cons: This service style can get hectic especially if too many people stand up to get food at once. The staff and wedding planner can avoid chaos and keep lines at a minimum by only having a few tables get up at a time. Another problem that can be encountered is having too much or too little food. No portion control is implemented when the guests are filling their plates and there is no way to know how hungry each person will be. For this reason, buffet food must be over-ordered because it is better to have extra than not enough.

Family Style

The family style of serving has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years because it is informal compared to a plated meal yet more formal than a buffet. Here, waiters will bring the food to the table in large serving dishes and these will be passed around for each person to serve their own plate. If the guests want more food, the waiters can simply refill the dishes whenever they are running low. A family style meal is perfect for a chic yet casual and comfortable reception. This is also a great idea for a couple who plan to do something a little bout of thee ordinary since family style is still a fairly new concept.

Pros: Family style encourages the guests to interact. It also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere while allowing them to sit back and relax at the table. Like a buffet, the guests can help themselves to as much or as little of each dish but it must be kept in mind that there should be more than enough food to ensure that everyone will be able to have seconds.

Cons: The guests will be passing large platters of food around their table, which means family style meals have a huge potential to get very messy. Like with the buffet, the amount of food is also an issue in this serving style.

Whatever style the couple chooses in serving the food, the most important thing is to keep the guests full and happy. They took the time and effort to attend their loved ones’ most special day so the least a couple can do is serve delicious food as their way of showing gratitude to those who were present during their wedding.

The Ideal Vacation Spot: Tagaytay Homes

Homes for sale in Tagaytay abound, and for good reason – the environment is clean, the surroundings are soothing, and Mother Nature’s touch in not lost in the midst of all the “urban” settlements. Homes there are built for comfort, for beauty – it provides all the amenities of a modern settlement without having to sacrifice the majesty of the outdoors.

In Tagaytay Highlands, we offer the Woodlands Point, which bears the distinct imprint of Highlands Prime properties. It has sixty homes made of imported Western red cedar and stone masonry – the perfect combination for a sturdy yet natural looking home. Sit back and relax in it as you enjoy the crisp mountain air and the fresh scent of pine trees. Inspired by the log cabins of old from North America, their designs are laden with wide windows to provide its tenants with a full view of the outside.

With that in mind, Woodlands Point sounds like the perfect vacation home, and it is. But then, what are the factors that contribute to it being so? What makes the ideal vacation home?


First off, it must be relaxing. That is, of course, one of the reasons why a person would even acquire a vacation home. While it may not be true for everyone, a good majority of people don’t want to do so in the heart of the city where the hustle and bustle of others are always present; relaxing is about finding a space of your own and doing what you want without the distractions of normal, daily life. Going to scenic, semi-isolated places are a surefire way of being able to calm down and forget about the stresses of life – even if it’s just for a short while. In fact, studies show that being around nature calms our overstressed brains.


Secondly, modern technology must retain its presence one way or another. With the exception of some people, going completely off the grid is not something everybody wants. Staying connected to a constant, reliable source of power is of course a necessity, as is being able to connect to others be it via a phone signal or on Wi-Fi. While vacation homes are meant to relax away from the city, that doesn’t mean a complete disconnect is required. Perhaps a cut down on the tech is enough; there’s no need to completely eliminate it.

Thirdly, residents must have access to hobbies and recreational activities they could not do otherwise. Here at Tagaytay Highlands we offer numerous well-maintained amenities that are sure to cater to people of every kind. Why not try out or golf course or eat out at one of our many restaurants? (Perhaps talk a long walk after, enjoying the scenic route.)


This brings us to the last point – food. Eating is an enjoyable activity for many, and so the consumption of well0made dishes are at the top of many’s list. Tagaytay Highlands offers numerous gustatory paradises here – traditional, international, and even fusion cuisine – take your pick!

Different people will want different things, but in the end everyone deserves a place where they can relax and unwind. One’s own house can provide that but vacation homes can make the experience all the better. On top of that, vacation houses are very convenient and are a great place to celebrate important life events like birthdays, anniversaries, and winning moments. Tagaytay Highlands can provide for that and more.

Wedding Reception Restaurants in Tagaytay

Tagaytay weddings are all about the luxury and elegance of the beautiful landscape that is Tagaytay. The weather is glorious, the scenery is spectacular, and the people that are celebrating your wedding is everybody that you care about in your life.  Weddings may be an exciting affair, with all the planning and organizing that the bride and the groom need to go through.  While the ceremony will take every ounce of planning from the bride and groom, why not leave the reception to the professionals?  Here is our list of restaurants where you can hold an elegant, intimate wedding reception.



Milagros Private Kitchen

Milagros Private Kitchen offer guests a unique dining experience with hearty, home-cooked meals prepared for an intimate setting.  The restaurant prides itself in its gourmet recipes of handpicked ingredients from local markets for a personalized menu.  The Milagros Private Kitchen is able to accommodate 24 people in its beautifully decorated garden where people sit down and dine.  Their website offers a comprehensive how-to guide to getting to Maglaba Drive.  Keep in mind that Milagros Private Kitchen ensures its diners on the quality of their food and menu, 3-5 days reservation prior to your event is a must.


Chateau Hestia

Chateau Hestia offers a unique dining experience unlike any other.  The restaurant is a homey experience where everything is made to feel like your own home.  Chateau Hestia prides itself in using locally grown herbs and vegetables, organic, grass-fed cows, and fine, quality ingredients from all over Europe.  The menu offered by Chateau Hestia is an assortment of cuisines from all over Europe featuring a fine selection of Italian cheeses, cold cuts, and delicious Austrian and German Sausages.  Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant and Deli Shop is located in J. Hernandez St. in Bukal, Silang.



Antonio’s is an experience unto itself.  There are four restaurants that you can choose from, depending on your preference.  There’s the classic fine dining Antonio’s, there’s Antonio’s Breakfast, Balay Dako, and the Lanai Lounge.  Whichever one you prefer, the stamp of Antonio’s is its elegance, class, and optimum dining service.  There is no shortage for great food, beautiful ambiance, and the great service provided for by the well-trained staff in Antonio’s.  It is a guarantee that if you hold your reception at Antonio’s, it will be a brilliant, memorable experience that you and your guests will surely remember.  Reservations are a must for Antonio’s fine dining experience, so check their website and call them up to make sure that your wedding reception will be as perfect as can be.


Weddings are a time for you and your family to celebrate life and the joining of two spirits in love.  Bring your guests to a beautiful reception with our selection of wedding reception restaurants for your beautiful Tagaytay wedding.  The ambiance and the landscape are beautiful settings that your guests would be truly happy to experience.  The scenic landscape is guaranteed to make all your wedding pictures so much more beautiful, and the full dining experience is a guarantee that your guests will remember your wedding for a long time.

Tagaytay Weddings: Churches

There is nothing better than having Tagaytay Highlands as the venue for your future wedding reception. They offer top-of-the-notch services, facilities, relaxing atmosphere, and high quality food guaranteed to make your guests’ mouths water. After the reception, you, your significant other and guests can rest in a vacation house for sale in Tagaytay. Thanks to the lush flora and fauna and state of the art decorations, one would surely enjoy his or her stay in Tagaytay.

Weddings in the Philippines almost always take place in churches. Many couples, particularly the bride, dream of having their wedding in a particular church. One thing to note is, Tagaytay is home to a number of churches that are perfect for weddings. The cozy countryside feel adds to the fairy tale-like ambiance of one of the most important events in your life. Listed below are some of the popular churches in or near Tagaytay you can consider for your wedding:


Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish features clean, white walls and a high ceiling that encourages the circulation of fresh air. Ideal for big weddings, this church compound also provides ample parking slots and also offers event spaces for receptions.

Contact details:

Address: Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing West, 4120 Tagaytay City

Contact numbers: Tel No.: (+63 46) 413.0758; Mobile No.: (+63 932) 859.7993


Chapel on the Hill (Don Bosco Batulao)

Known for its wooden dome ceiling, the Chapel on the Hill features panels of stained glass which, when light filters through them, create a beautiful and warm mood for the couple and their guests, making intimate ceremonies perfect. This charming chapel can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Contact Details:

Address: Mary Help of Christians House of Spirituality Don Bosco Batulao c/o Tagaytay Post Office, 4120 Tagaytay City Philippines

Contact Numbers: Telefax: (+63 2) 743-5614; Mobile: (+63 926) 616.3301, (+63 906) 814.4474


Madre de Dios Chapel (Tagaytay Highlands)

The Madre de Dios Chapel offers every couple with serene surroundings that ensure the affair’s solemnity. What’s more, Tagaytay Highlands also offers events spaces suitable for receptions so couples do not need to worry about searching for a reception venue.

Contact Details:

Tagaytay Highlands Sales and Banquets Services

Contact Numbers: Tel. No.: (+63 46) 483.0820 / 3657; Fax No.: (+63 46) 483.0820; Mobile No.: (+63 917) 882.6885


San Antonio de Padua Church

This church attracts couples with its earthy red bricks that exude an old-fashioned charm that is perfect for exchanging I do’s. Also, the well-manicured lawn makes the venue heartwarming and even more inviting, which is ideal for taking pictures after the event.

Contact Details:

Address: San Antonio ng Padua Pooc, Silang, Cavite

Contact Number: (+63 46) 414.1891

Have you figured out on what church you will choose where you’d be having your future wedding ceremony? Remember, select the church that will make your wedding so memorable that when it’s your golden anniversary, you and your significant other will recall nothing but happy flashbacks.

Seasonal Flowers Great for Any Outdoor Tagaytay Wedding

Luxury homes in Tagaytay are some of the best in the Philippines. A combination of the refreshing climate, the clean environment, and the vibrant surroundings make for a very pleasant spot for living indeed. On the other hand, it also makes for a great venue for all kinds of events, especially outdoor weddings where nature is expected to provide the venue itself.

When decorating for an outdoor wedding, flowers an absolute must. Consider the following types of flora should you find yourself undecided on which one to pick:


 Available: May – November.

Colors: Deep gold, orange, or pale lemon.

As one of the most recognizable flowers out there, the Sunflower is classic choice for those who are looking to add a bit of bright flair to their decorations. It signifies the sun, a bold symbol that can strongly contrast the natural greens and browns of nature, as well as loyalty and adoration – perfect for those about to be wed. It is sure to make any wedding lively and happy.


 Available: All year-round.

Colors: Bicolors and spotted designs; also available in pink, red, burgundy, yellow, or white.

Despite being a niche pick for wedding decorations, Carnations also do well to accentuate the environment of any wedding. Delicately beautiful and relatively inexpensive, this flower is capable of bringing any wedding to life. Adding to that are its symbolisms according to its color – light red carnations stand for admiration, while their dark counterparts represent pure love and good luck.


 Available: November – April,

Colors: Red, burgundy, yellow, green, pink, and white.

The name of the flower was derived from Greek, meaning “splendor” or “sparkling” and at the same time “prideful.” Amaryllis was given to worthy women who had a strong persona in the early years. Getting this type of flower for your wedding may indicate that the bride is one impressive woman. Just take not that these are rare, costly, and cause drama with just the stems, but all else, they are long-lasting, just like the love the couple will go through.

With its unique name derived from Greek terms that translate to “splendor”, “sparkling”, and “prideful”, the Amaryllis used to be a symbol of power. Years ago, it used to be given to women who had considerable strength in their personalities. They make for amazing picks in the decoration department as they are long-lasting and rather rare, making the mere sight of them an enjoyable experience.

 Dutch Tulip

Available: November – May.

Colors: Purple, red, pink, orange, white, and yellow.

Dutch tulips are world famous for their bright hues and strong colors, making them a strong choice for vibrant wedding decorations. A combination of different colors in patterns are sure to draw all attendee’s eyes, making the even a dynamic one. For example, a combo of red tulips – which stand for true love – and purple tulips – which are normally associated with royalty – are a great way to communicate a vibe through the flora.


 Available: July – November.

Colors: Blue, pink, purple, white, and green.

Hydrangeas make for one of the best decorations for weddings. They’re big, bright, and visibly vibrant. They are available in abundance and are best used in accordance with other flowers as well.


 Available: All year-round

Colors: Orange, red, pink, cream, yellow, and lavender.

Arguably the most popular flower when it comes to wedding decorations, the Rose is a simple classic that will never go out of style. Signifying love, acceptance, honesty, purity, and beauty, roses are an amazing choice for any kind of wedding.

Weddings are happy events that should be remembered for all time by all attendees, so make sure that the setting is just as memorable. On the other hand, those who live in their luxury homes in Tagaytay are sure to have no problems cultivating flowers of their own, seeing as the lush environment already does so itself. Either way, flowers are a wonderful way to brighten up any setting.