Boredom Not Allowed! Summer Activities to Do In Tagaytay Highlands

Kids will surely get bored while mom and dad take a look through the beautiful homes up for sale in Tagaytay Highlands, but there are just too many things to try out to be bored! Here are some activities you and your kids will surely enjoy when you visit Tagaytay Highlands.


Sports amenities

There are many sports venues in Tagaytay Highlands that that you can use. There’s a bowling center where you can show off some moves, a basketball court where you can do some dunks, and badminton courts where you can let those shuttlecocks fly!


The two squash courts available is where you can try to beat the wall if you can, a tennis court where you can try to channel your inner Serena Williams. Squash is a racket sport and is played by two (singles) or four (doubles) in a four walled court, which is the squash court. The players alternate hitting a hollow ball onto the playable surfaces of the court. It is called squash because the ball used in the game is a ‘squashable’ soft ball.


There is also an indoor lap pool for aspiring Olympic medalists, and swimming pools and Jacuzzi clusters to cool you down even further! For Tiger Woods fans, there’s a golf course where they can try their hand at golf. Or for health buffs, there’s a fully equipped gym to keep you healthy even while on vacation!



Outdoor activities

If you want to do some cardio while doing some sightseeing, you can go on the ATV trail and enjoy the stunning views. ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, are four wheeled vehicles commonly and extensively used in agriculture because of their speed and light footprint. In Highlands, you’ll be using them to explore the ATV trail and course.


Aside from ATV rides, you can also go on the biking and trekking trails and packages. The kids can go on the kid’s biking course, too! Camping grounds are also available for those who love to stargaze at night. And while the adults can go horseback riding, the little ones can make friends with the ponies, have loads of fun with outer kids in either the outdoor or indoor children’s playground, meet some interesting animals at the animal farm, or maybe if they want to pick up a thing or two, they can go to the recreation and learning center.


Rest and Relaxation

If outdoor activities and sports venues aren’t what you came to Heights for, there’s always those slow, calm, comb through your knots activities for you. Internet and gaming are available for those who don’t want to miss out on important pieces of pop culture; maybe an hour or two in the sauna or a long steam bath to ease your muscles; or maybe a long soak in a Jacuzzi can bubble all your troubles away. Did you know that Jacuzzi is a brand? Those bubbling tubs are actually called whirlpool tubs!


You can’t deny that there is no way you can be bored at Tagaytay Highlands with so much to do. Kids at heart will surely find something they can enjoy to their heart’s content.

Nature’s Breath: Sycamore Heights

Vacation houses for sale in Tagaytay are booming, and for good reason! As one of the top spots to visit in the Philippines, it’s undoubtedly one of the best places to go to if you’re looking to have some fun, relax, and get away from the troubles of the big city.

Sycamore Heights, an exclusive residential subdivision in the heart of the Tagaytay Midlands, is surrounded with the majestic views of the Taal Lake and Volcano, Midlands Fairways, and the Mountainside. Placed away from the hustle and bustle of Tagaytay’s commercial district, residents can bask in the privacy and peace the Highlands provides. It is truly a luxurious and leisurely escape.

Inspired by nature

It features an Asian contemporary themed community, with the architecture of the homes drawn from a wide range of Eastern influences. It also has a minimalist design, lush greens, and vast open areas for leisure amenities, where 40% of the development area was dedicated to just that. Each home is encouraged to use natural materials and a layout with balconies, lanais, and floor length windows that will let the outdoors in. Pleasurably warm sun, fresh, cool mountain air, and of course, the stunning view, so that nothing can ruin your day when you wake up to a gorgeous mountainside, shimmering blue lake, and of course, Taal Volcano, making the exquisite sights of Tagaytay a part of your everyday life.


Sycamore Heights is a safe, gated community with 24 hour security, underground utilities, and power failure mitigation. The amenities available are a park with a swimming pool and children’s playground, a lounge and rock garden, a bird watch park, a trellis park, and a palm court, contributing to experiencing nature both in and out of your home. Many of the recreational areas are a mere 3 minutes away by car, such as the Tagaytay Midlands Golf Course and Clubhouse, the new Midlands Lucky 9, the Lower Funicular Train, Midlands Veranda, Madre Dios chapel, Bistro Saratoga, and the Midlands Country Club. You and your family will never run out of things to do and memories to make.


Phase 5 of Sycamore Heights will be launched in May, together with an annual tree planting activity. Tagaytay Highlands surrounds you with natural man-made beauty, and Highlands wants to keep it that way by observing One Tree At a Time, a tree-planting drive where thousands of saplings are planted on the vast grounds. 400,000 trees have been planted since 1994. Highlands has pledged to plant a million trees in 50 years.

You don’t have to look far to find a place where you can catch your breath, with Tagaytay Highlands just around the bend—an hour or so drive from Manila. With its sprawling leisurely complex, brimming with dense forestry and greens, you can spend some down time and precious bonding time with your family. Maybe even bring extended family and more friends that share your passion for sports. Come and take some rightly earned vacation, that’s not too far away from the city, at Tagaytay Highlands.

Refreshing! 3 Summer Dishes to Cool You Off

The summer has come around and with the heat beating down your neck as you look at Tagaytay Homes for sale in the elite and exclusive Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Club, you may want to take a shot breather and have something to help fight away the heat. Yep, we’re talking about refreshing consumables which are sure to help give you that energy boost you want to help you go on with your day as you go house hunting.


Perhaps no other dessert can define the Philippines than the Halo Halo. Believe it or not, but this beloved dessert actually has Japanese origins. Pre-war migrants from the land of the rising sun brought over a favorite dessert of their called “Mitsumame”, meaning many beans. It was adapted into Filipino culture by adding custards and local fruits. On the other hand, some say it originated from another treat, the Kakigori which is shaved ice with sweetener, condensed milk, and syrup. The Tagaytay Highlands’ Golfers Club version is made with native fruits, and beans preserve with shaved ice, leche flan and ube ice cream.

Walnut Parfait

Take a trip up to France with one taste of this deliciously healthy walnut parfait served at Greenhouse Bistro. If you’re wondering what a parfait is, it is a deliciously frozen dessert made of layers and layers of alternating whipped cream or ice cream and fruits, nut, etc. It’s quite light, which makes it one of the best desserts to consume on a hot day. If you are unsure about the nuts, maybe the health benefits can convince you. Walnuts are highly beneficial for those with heart problems as studies show it contains more antioxidants than other popular nuts such as almonds, pecan or peanuts. Antioxidants can protect your cells against free radicals, which factor in when it comes to heart and other health problems. In addition, walnuts can also ward off stress as researchers prove consuming walnuts can lower your blood pressure and contain stress fighting nutrients like omega 3 fatty acid and linolenic acid. Now you can have dessert and have a stress free day.

Caesar Salad

With this heat, you will most certainly want to avoid heavy meals so as to prevent your body from overheating. If you aren’t in the mood for desserts, perhaps a lovely Caesar salad ought to do the trick. Contrary to popular belief, the salad is not named after the famous Roman conqueror Julius Caesar, but after its creator, Caesar Cardini., an Italian immigrant. According to his daughter Rosa, the rush of 1924’s fourth of July celebrations exhausted the kitchen’s supplies. As he did not wish to disappoint his hungry customers, he made do with what ingredients he had left and prepared it on the table to add a little panache to it. Nearly a hundred years later, the recipe now varies from restaurant to restaurant, but the original was served with coddled eggs and whole lettuce leaves, with each leaf to be lifted by the stem and consumed. If you’re craving for some of this salad, head over to the world famous Tagaytay Highlands Steakhouse, where hand torn romaine lettuce tossed in handmade Caesar dressing served with anchovies, roasted croutons, and topped with parmesan cheese.

The heat may be bad, but a house in Tagaytay Highlands won’t be as hot as a home in the city. Nevertheless, if the sun’s rays are feeling a bit too intense for you, head over to these three wonderful restos for some unforgettable refreshing dishes.

Fore! Golfing Health Benefits

One of the perks of having Tagaytay luxury homes in Tagaytay Highlands is access to its world class golf courses designed by well renowned golf course architect Richard Bigler. You can go for either the Highlands golf course, which opened on April 16, 1994 or the Midlands golf course, which opened on April 15, 2000. Since it is summer, you won’t have to worry about rain ruining your game. There are also several health benefits which we have listed below.

Get Better Sleep

In a study conducted by the Philips Index for Health and Well Being, an alarming 35% of people across 23 countries are not getting enough sleep. This may be due to their profession, physical or mental health. If you do not wish to be part of this statistic, play golf. After a round of golf, your body will be quite exhausted, allowing you to quickly fall asleep once you hit the sheets. You’ll also go into deep sleep faster, therefore allowing your systems to repair any damage. In addition, you’ll also be more focused therefore improving your game.

Lower Injury Risk

Some seniors can have a hard time looking for a sport that won’t risk their bones and at the same time still engage their muscles. The perfect sport is golf. You’ll still get the workout you need without worrying if you’ll tear a tendon or tip a muscle.

Strengthen The Bladder

One might be wondering how in the world can a sport that primarily uses the arms and legs strengthen the bladder. When playing, you cannot help but gulp down water to avoid dehydration; the problem is, you will need to flush out those fluids and without a restroom nearby, you will need to hold it. Doing so can strengthen your bladder’s capacity, especially for lady golfers as it’s a great way to strengthen the quads.

Cardiovascular Workout

If your cardiologist tells you to exercise more, maybe it’s time consider giving golf a try. All that walking from the first hole to the last can really get the blood flowing, making the heart pump more which in turn, can lower your risk for heart problems. It can also lower your bad cholesterol levels.

Relieve Stress

No matter what industry you are working in, stress will always be there. There are several ways to get rid of it and one of the most efficient ways to do so is by golfing. According to the Huffington Post, golf can release endorphins, a ‘happy hormone’ that can boost your mood and help you relax. Plus, if you’ve always wanted to just hit something while stress, now’s your chance to do it— and win a game or two.

Boost Your Brain

As mentioned earlier, golfing can increase your blood flow due to the amount of exercise you’ll be doing. This increased blood flow is also beneficial to your brain as it can help create new brain cells, and send more oxygen to the brain. This can also prevent the onset of mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s due to the nerve connections formed. Your mind will not be idle as it will be forced to think of strategies for you to win the game.

Prolong Your Life

Did you know playing golf can make your life longer? Research by the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine shows golfers have a 40% lower mortality rate than the rest. With all that exercise, your body is sure to be in better shape than non-golfers, hence adding a few years to your life.


Despite its popularity, the health benefits to this sport are underrated. Hopefully with these benefits, you’ll be encouraged to play the sport more in the elite Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Club.

Your Family Hideaway: Nob Hill


If you are looking at vacation houses for sale in Tagaytay, then you better check out the homes in the first class Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Club. One of the communities we highly recommend you to take a look at is Nob Hill located in the Greenlands. It’s the ideal place for your family if you want to get away from the city. Need more convincing to get a home here? Maybe these reasons just might just persuade you.


Modern-Contemporary Combined with Eco-Friendly ideas


Nob Hill happens to be the only community in Tagaytay Highlands where modern-contemporary architecture is fused with an eco-friendly concept. The homes feature large windows which frame and brings inside the lush, green environment of Tagaytay Highlands; they also do away the need for air conditioners as these windows will allow the cool, mountain air to enter the room freely. Its structure clearly screams of modern-contemporary with its minimalist design of geometrical, smooth and rhythmic lines and perfect mixture of metal and wood finish.


Nearby Golfing


If one of your top excuses why you don’t exercise that often is how far the golf course is, then moving to Nob Hill would probably be the best solution for you. You will no longer have this excuse as Nob Hill is just a few minutes away from the new Midlands Lucky Nine Golf Course. Never tried golf? Now is your opportunity to learn! With several health benefits such as it being good for the cardiovascular system, golfing is most definitely a sport you should try.


Reconnect With Nature


The beauty of Nob Hill subdivision lies not just in the homes, but in the surrounding area as well. There are several atriums and pocket gardens, allowing you to literally stop and smell the flowers on your way to the sports center or the city. The central park with its beautiful trees, palm court, trellis and gazebo will be absolutely perfect if you want to bond with your family. You can also take a run on the jogging path or you can take advantage of the fitness station inside the subdivision, both perfect if golfing isn’t exactly your type of exercise.



Membership Perks


One of the best things about living in Nob Hill is it being situated within one of the most exclusive and amenities filled golf and country clubs in the country, if not, the whole Asia. You get to experience things most people can only dream of. Just think— there are over a hundred million Filipinos and Tagaytay Highlands has 8,000 members. Owning a property on the land gives you the privilege to be one of those 8000 members. You will be able to dine in one of the best restaurants in Asia, the Highlands Steakhouse, and ride in the first and only Funicular in the country. Your kids can go horseback riding anytime they want to and you’ll get to camp underneath the dark sky without the inconveniences of searching for spot or wishing away the smog.


When it comes to weekend escapes, Nob Hill is the ideal community for you and your family. It’s location inside the exclusive Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Club means you need not worry about safety and security as there’s a round the clock medical and firefighting team on standby in addition to the efficient security team around the ground. What are you waiting for? Check out those homes!