Amen! 4 Dishes for the Holy Week

While spending the Holy Week with your family, friends and neighbors in your Country Club Homes in Tagaytay, one should not forget one very important thing —abstinence from certain types of food. This means practicing Catholics are forbidden from consuming meats from land animals like cows, chicken and pigs.  Do note the consumption of food made from these animals’ fat, such as gravy, sauces and butter, is permitted. So what can Catholics eat? The list includes fruits, veggies, seafood, shellfish, and other cold blooded animals. If you’re running out of ideas on what to eat, here are some scrumptious dishes you can eat while at Tagaytay Highlands. For sure you won’t find any of them lacking in flavor or in substance.

Escargot a’la Bourguionne

You know you can eat seafood and veggies during lent, but did you know the list of foods you can eat include snails? As mentioned earlier, shellfish are allowed, thus permitting the consumption of this yummy shelled delicacy. If you’re craving for some, head over to the Highlands Steakhouse for some of their Escargot a’la Bourguionne. This French dish is not overly complicated, which is the perfect way snails should be served. It’s a classic and for sure many an Escargot expert would agree that Highlands Steakhouse’s Escargot a’la Bourguinonne stays true to its French origin with the snails broiled in herb butter and served with a light mint and lemon olive oil emulsion.

Amen! 4 Dishes for the Holy Week Asian Style Prawn Salad

Asian Style Prawn Salad

You know what’s one great way of getting your protein fix this Holy week? Prawns. These decapod crustaceans are actually quite healthy, as they’re a great source of Vitamins B6, B12 and Niacin. These three can assist your body in generate more energy, restore red blood cells and form muscle. In addition, the phosphorus, copper and magnesium content of the prawn can help your body build stronger bones.  The health benefits of the prawn are maximized with The Bistro Saratoga’s Asian Style Prawn Salad. It’s prepared by laying prawns atop a bed of assorted greens, finished with fresh coriander leaves and an Asian inspired dressing.

Turon na Saging with Langka

 Who says you can’t have dessert this Holy week? The turon has long been a favorite among Filipinos, especially as an afternoon snack called Merienda. Also known as Lumpiang Saging, there are several versions of this dessert, with some containing sweet potato or coconut instead of the usual banana. The Golfer’s Lounge does it old school style, with banana chunks and jackfruit wrapped in a spring roll wrapper then fried until deliciously golden. It is served with a caramel sauce.

Salmon Filet with Red Rice and Coriander Vinaigrette Sauce

Salmon has long been a favorite fish among diners, which should not be a mystery as it is incredibly flavorful and healthy! It’s considered to be among the world’s most healthiest foods due to it being chock full of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids and selenium. The Salmon Fillet with Red Rice and Coriander Vinaigrette sauce served in The Great Room is sure to tickle your taste buds— you’ll be looking forward to eating this dish even when the Holy Week is over.

With all this food, one must not forget that Lent isn’t just a time of dietary restrictions—it’s mainly a time of prayer and forgiveness. Don’t forget to repent for your sins; remember: He who died on the cross for you to be free of sin. If the Father can forgive us, so can you forgive those who have done wrong to or against you. It may be hard to let go at first, but remember, with prayer you can be the better person the Lord knows you to be.

Protect Your Child: Ways to Babyproof Your Home

Children these days are certainly lucky to have Tagaytay luxury homes for their residences. They have plenty of amenities to enjoy in Tagaytay Highlands, such as an animal farm and pools; unfortunately, accidents are more prone to happen when said kiddos are very young. Protect them with these six tips.

Plug the Socket

Tiny tots are bound to be curious on what those little holes in the wall are and might stick their little fingers into them, leading to a literal shock of their lives. Preventing this from happening is quite easy; just plug in safety socket covers. If you cannot find any, some band aids or masking tape will do the trick just as well.

Put the Chemicals Away

The problem with cleaning agents these days is they are no longer sporting the dull, boring bottles they used to. These days they have bold and pretty colors, to attract the adult customers. What these companies do not realize is their bottles aren’t just drawing adults, but little kids as well. They may reach these chemicals and get a nasty burn or, at gulp down the fluids thus leading to a visit to the hospital or at worst, the morgue. Avoid this terrible possibility by placing the solvents on a shelf unreachable to their hands, like a cabinet above head. This way you’ll avoid panic and a visit to the emergency room.

Protect Those Noggins!

One of the most common injuries your child will have growing up is head bumps. These happen when they hit their head on practically anything, from table edges, to shelf corner. Lessen the likelihood of injury by slicing a pool noddle in half and push the hollow part on to the furniture edges that are at your child’s height level. For corners, you can purchase corner protectors or just get a sponge and secure it with some sticky tape.

Secure It

Falling furniture can be quite funny when it’s on TV and part of a “fail” video or a prank, but when it happens to you in real life, it can be quite scary. Did you know that a child dies every two weeks from falling furniture? It’s a preventable statistic; one you can stop your child from becoming a part of. When it comes to securing your furniture, don’t be concerned with just the big pieces– secure those small pieces as well! In addition, don’t forget to secure your appliances such as your television and refrigerator. It may be a bit of a hassle, but just remember anything is worth the trouble when it comes to your little ones.

Get Gates

If you are living in a multi-level home, the chances of your child getting into an accident is multiplied due to the presence of a flight of stairs. Prevent any tumbles by installing gates at the bottom of the stairs instead. While some prefer to place their barriers up top, this isn’t a good idea either as determined children can still climb over; instead, place these gates in nearby rooms to prevent them from going out and frolicking around the stairs completely.

Bundle Those Cords

Children play with just about anything and this includes your appliance and window blind cords. Unfortunately, these can also cause strangulation and you may have already lost your child without realizing it. Don’t let this happen; always bundle those cords up and keep them away from your child’s reach.

It may be hard to protect your children from the big world, but you can protect them inside your home. If anything should happen, you need not worry as Tagaytay Highlands has a dedicated 24/7 Emergency Response and First team provided by Lifeline Ambulance. In Tagaytay Highlands, we truly care for you and your family.

Be At Peace: Yume Residences

While looking for a vacation home for sale in Tagaytay, why not head over to Tagaytay Highlands for a look at the Yume Residences? This Asian Inspired community is absolutely perfect for anyone whose idea of a vacation is Zen and relaxation. If you need some convincing, here are some reasons why you should pick Yume Residences in the exclusive Tagaytay Highlands as your new vacation home.



Meaning “dream” in Japanese, Yume is a place many may know, but few can actually go to. It is the best for privacy, for nothing says privacy than a residence within a community set inside the most exclusive country club in the Philippines. As it is, Tagaytay Highlands in itself is already the most exclusive golf and country clubs in the country and is also one of the most prestigious in the whole of Asia. If you plan to reside in the Midlands and just want to be separated from the rest of the world, Yume is the place for you.

Near the Midlands Golf Course

People do not realize it, but golfing happens to be one of the best ways to keep fit. It so happens Yume is quite near the Midlands golf course, giving you no excuse goes out and play? So why should you?

Believe it or not, but it’s actually great for the cardiovascular system. Playing gets your heart rate up which in turn, allows your body to keep pumping and increasing the blood flow, therefore lessening your heart disease risk. And since we’re all about relaxation here, golfing is also a great way to relieve stress for the environment and the company can release hormones called endorphins, which can make you not just happier, but more relaxed as well.

An Extraordinary View

Studies have shown the color blue is the most relaxing of all the colors as it emits images of serenity and calmness. One thing we associate often with it is water, and what can be more relaxing than a view of the Taal Lake? Many people have to travel for miles and miles just to catch a glimpse of this water formation while you, oh lucky you, need just look out the window to see it in all its glory. Yume offers you this gift and you will surely agree when one says it is an offer you certainly cannot refuse.

Modernity and Tradition in One

Japan is known to be one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and at the same time, it still keeps to its traditional roots, as evidenced by its environment. Yume keeps true to this though, for Yume exhibits the perfect balance and blend between modernity and tradition. Go around and you will see it set into everything, from the architecture to the grounds itself. Yume is balance; Yume is serenity; Yume is a step forward.

Surrounded by Serenity

Looking around Yume, you will understand why many want to have their vacation home in Yume. There are 32 lots each measuring 500-900 sq. meters and if you aren’t in the mood to trim your own lawn or sweep your floors, there’s an in-house landscaping and full housekeeping services available for you. In addition, the oriental design of Yume will definitely bring forth peace; you might end up staying up for more days than you originally planned, earning yourself some more time to be one with nature and yourself.

Allow yourself to be enchanted by the beauty and tranquility of Yume. Yume is a development of Tagaytay Highlands, which aims to always give the best for their elite customers.

Your Getaway from the City: Aspenhills

You may not be able to head over to the ski resort town of Aspen, Colorado right now, but you can bring it closer to you with the latest development of Tagaytay Highlands, Aspen Hills. This community is absolutely perfect if you are currently looking for a vacation home for sale in Tagaytay, for its position and design directly reflect the very definition of vacation— an excellent place where you can take an extended break period away from your city home or work. If you need any convincing, check out these reasons.


Create Your Own Getaway


Make your log house dreams into a reality as you take a look at the community of Aspen Hills. Each lot is around 300-800 square meters, which is simply ideal for a family vacation home. Since each home sticks to the ranch and mountain architectural design, it is sure to bring about an aura of warmth and hominess, something every dweller wants in their house.

Since Aspen Hills is part of one of the most beautiful places in the country, your home is sure to be aesthetically pleasing; you’ll want to showcase it off to all your family and friends with its practically seamless blend of wood, glass and stone. Your Aspen Hills vacation house isn’t just an infrastructure— it’s a piece of art embedded into the grounds of Tagaytay Highlands.


Exclusive Features for Homeowners

If you’re in the mood for a little picnic, then head over to the Sunshine Picnic Grove where your kids are sure to have one of the best al fresco dining they will ever experience. Speaking of kids, bring them to the Little Ranch Playground for some fun; don’t forget to bring your camera because you just don’t know what crazy antics your child will do to make you smile.

Perfect for Any Private Social Function


One of the account types in Tagaytay Highlands is the corporate account, which you and your company can put to good use by holding your meetings in the magnificent village hall of Aspen Hills. Or if you are planning to have a celebration with your friends and family, then the Meadows Clubhouse is the perfect location for you. The site and size of these two are perfect for any private gatherings, especially since they are located within the most exclusive country club in Asia, the Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Club.

A View Like No Other


It is a well-known fact about Tagaytay Highlands is it being surrounded by the lushest mountains south of Metro Manila. These mountains, one of which is the legendary Maria Makiling, are one of the factors that make Tagaytay Highlands stand out among all other country clubs in the country, be it private or public. If you want the best view of these glorious peaks, then Aspen Hills is perfect for you. From its location, you will also get to appreciate the wondrous Canlubang valley and other surrounding mountains located in Laguna and Batangas. Truly, Aspen Hills lives up to its mountain resort inspiration. Since you are surrounded with all this greenery, you are sure to have some of the coldest breezes in the summer and on the other months, a cool mist will envelop your home.

Create new memories in Aspen Hills, one of the newest development of Tagaytay Highlands. This 27 hectare site is the most suitable spot for your vacation home in Tagaytay. It’s a gated community with 24 hour security along with numerous amenities exclusive to Tagaytay Highlands members such as two golf courses, several world class restaurants, a swiss funicular system and a sports center only some people can dream of. What are you waiting for? Get your lot in Aspen Hills and start building!

Grab a Brush! Gorgeous Colors to Paint Your Home

While checking out Tagaytay Homes for sale, you might already be thinking of ways to decorate your home. One of the most important aspects of it is color.

Color isn’t just for the beautification of one’s home—color must also have meaning. Certain hues evoke certain emotions in us, thus why yellow is often associated with cheerfulness while black is associated with sullenness. To know the right shades to paint each room, check out this easy to follow guide we’ve made for your home.


The bedroom should be your haven, your little sanctuary; it’s the one place where you can really get some privacy and peace. If you’re thinking of repainting your room, why not a muted blue such as aquamarine? According to a survey taken by Travelodge, people who slept in a blue painted room had an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes of sweet slumber each night. This may be because blue has a calming effect on us and the thought of the color brings about images of serenity and tranquility.

If blue isn’t your thing, go for green. This lush color also invokes images of peace. According to the survey mentioned earlier, 22 percent of people who woke up in a green room felt ‘upbeat and positive’.



Keep calm and keep on cooking. Remember, whatever emotions you feel as you are creating tonight’s dinner will flow from you towards whatever you are making. Maintain a calm atmosphere with pastels such as baby blue and rose quartz.

Dining Room

Have you ever noticed how many fast food establishments use the color red for their logos or for their establishments? For example, McDonalds has long been known for its iconic Golden Arches logo set on a red background. Red is known to stimulate the appetite, making it the perfect color for your dining room. Pick a toned down red, such as Venetian Red or Carmine. Surely with this color around, the kids will eat every single morsel on their plates, even the veggies!



Do not disregard your bathroom! Contrary to popular belief, the bathroom is one of the areas your guests will notice the most. If you plan to do your makeup inside this room, pick tones flattering to your skin tone such as nudes like peach, golden apricot or beige.

If you’d like to add warmth to your bathroom, then coral is your top pick. This orangey pink shade is sure to remind you of its namesake, the organism coral, and its gorgeous habitat, the reefs. Coral is best paired with warm greys and browns for an even warmer ambiance. After all, the bathroom needs to be relaxing as well as you unwind with a long soak in your bubbly bath.

Living Room

Let the sunshine in with some bright yellow paint! The color yellow has long been associated with happiness and welcome, two things you want your guests to feel the moment they walk into your home. Sometimes an all yellow room can be overpowering; lessen its impact it with complimentary decors such as an ecru vase or a wooden coffee table.

If you’re afraid to play around with colors, you can always go for the classics such as brown, black, and white for your home. Decorate you homes with great accent pieces like a neon vase or a boldly colored couch and for sure your home will be one your visitors are sure to remember.