A Musical Union!

Music has long been part of every bride’s life and it has been integral in all the weddings in Tagaytay. If a couple would like to express their love for the tunes by making it the central theme of their wedding in Tagaytay Highlands, we’ve got a few ideas to help them out on their special day.


A bride is already beautiful as she is, but make her stand out even more with a lace veil edged with musical notes. If you aren’t planning to wear a veil and instead prefer a hat or a fastener, clip on little silver or gold miniature instruments to it.

If you’re holding a musical wedding due to your love of musical, have a wedding dress inspired by your favorite show. Why not a replica of Christine Daaé’s wedding gown from “Phantom of the Opera”? Or the dress Les Miserables’ Cosette wore in her wedding to Marius?

Of course, the man is as important. His boutonnière can be a flower made from music sheets or cufflinks with a musical note on them.

The music can even be brought into the wedding rings. Engrave your theme song or your favorite lyric inside the rings. Only the two of you (and the ring maker) are privy to this little secret. 


Trade in that couple topper with edible figurines of your favorite instruments, such as a cello or a violin. If you want, you can even have replicas of yourselves playing said instrument. You can keep it simple with a large G Clef set on the top layer.

As for the cake itself, how about a stanza or your favorite song’s lyrics or notes piped on the sides of the cake? Another wonderful idea would be a cake with piano keys wrapping and climbing to the top of it.


Live music is always best heard in a concert, so what better way to let everyone hear the music of your love than concert ticket invitations? You can make them as colorful as you want. A playbill invitation is also an excellent way to invite your loved ones to your wedding. As for the cover, pose or dress up as your favorite characters.

Venue and Reception

Whether it be a church or a garden wedding, hang a single rose on the aisle seats with a silver or black note tied to them with a white ribbon. Have the bride walk not on a plain white or red carpet, but one with a gigantic note in the middle— don’t forget to stop the tots from stepping on it!

Have your guests write their wishes write on a gigantic, black record in metallic pens. You can also prepare a long music sheet for them to write their advice for you. Another great idea is to have a guitar passed around and to have every guest, from the tinniest of toddlers to the wisest of the aged, sign their name on it.


Since it is a music themed wedding, why not give away USBs with a playlist of your favorite songs preloaded into it? You can even put them inside a cassette tape case to make it a little more rustic. Guitar picks are also a great idea, just make sure to engrave them with your initials and the date of your wedding.

Let the music flow as celebrate your love with a wedding fit for a king and queen in the exclusive Tagaytay Highlands. Mazel Tov!

6 Ways to Have a Productive Meeting

Tagaytay Highlands can be a place of both business and pleasure; after finishing up whatever you and your company needs to discuss, you can head over to your country club homes in Tagaytay to relax or go around to enjoy the magnificent facilities of the exclusive and gorgeous Tagaytay Highlands Country  Club. If you do plan to hold your meeting in one of the numerous conference rooms Tagaytay Highlands has to offer, you might want to consider these tips to make your talks more progressive and effective.

Set an Agenda

A day before the meeting or hours before the meeting, send out an email outlining whatever it is that needs to be discussed. Doing so shows the staff and whoever else is to be involved that their time is precious to the company and that the meeting certainly has a strong sense of purpose.

Start On Time

In the Philippines, the term “Filipino Time” is a widely used excuse for people to come in late for a meeting or for the meeting itself to start late; as the minutes trickle by, the people who were actually on time will think of the passing time as lost time they could have used doing something urgent on their desks. Change this mindset and actually start the meeting on time. If you say it will begin at two in the afternoon, start at two in the afternoon. Close the door and start talking. Latecomers will learn their lesson and might even become the earliest to arrive at the next meeting.

Don’t Take Too Much Time

Meetings are known to be long and draining, sometimes lasting for hours. By the time the meeting ends, the people’s brains will be dead. Set your meeting for 15-45 minutes only. If you plan to have a longer one, insert a break to let your staff take a rest. They will come back not just more energized, but more attentive as well.

Change the Environment

With all that lush beauty of Tagaytay Highlands surrounding you, it will surely be tempting to take your meeting elsewhere. How about instead of having it inside a conference room, you’ll have your discussion at a park or at the Golfer’s Lounge, where you can have chow as you talk

Tuck Away the Cellphones

There is no doubt you’ve seen one or two people glance at their phones as the meeting goes on, or excuse themselves from the meeting to take a call or two; in fact, you might be guilty of this yourself! The next time you have a meeting, prepare a box, masking tape and a marker. Have everyone write their names on a piece of tape and stick it to their phones before turning them off and depositing them inside the box. This way you are sure to have everyone’s attention; no one will be checking their phone.

Get Some Feedback

It would be best to get some input from the meeting’s participants to know if there’s anything you can improve. Make sure it’s anonymous as not all people are ready to give their critic if they are to be known. You can either pass around blank papers or a ready survey form.

A productive meeting is a successful one and hopefully with these tips, the next meeting you have will be the best and most progressive one yet.

Date night! 3 Best Places for Valentine’s Day

This February 14th, you might want to stay in the city a little longer after checking out Tagaytay Homes for sale the whole day; it is Valentine ’s Day after all. Where to go? A café? A fastfood place? Or a hole in a wall bistro? If your mind is blank on where to go, let us help you with these suggestions.


Chateau Hestia

Step away from the kids for just a night this Valentine’s day as you travel to Tagaytay to dine on the fantastic feast Chateau Hestia has prepared for you. This set menu has been carefully thought of by the wonderful staff at Chateau Hestia exclusively for tonight. Slurp on the delightful smokes and spiced pumpkin and carrot soup with tomato salsa and lime yoghurt, then go green with a lovely arugula, sweet pomelo and candied nuts salad balanced off with some red-eye chili vinaigrette.


For your main course, you can go for either land or sea. When it comes to land, you have something a little different than your usual steak as this Australian grass-fed steak is rubbed not with pepper, but with intoxicating coffee. It’s paired with potato and cauliflower gratin, roasted bell peppers and a red wine-shiitake reduction sauce. If you prefer something from the sea, the White wine baked paprika prawns atop an appetizing carrot and orange risotto with a mesclun (small salad) of microgreens. For your final course, nothing says romance like chocolate and the chefs at Chateau Hestia agree as a double danger of dark chocolate and chili chocolate mousse are served to you and your partnet. As for refreshments, you have a choice between their excellent red or white house wine.

Now that’s romantic.


Lime and Basil

Just 20 minutes outside of Tagaytay is the terrific Thai restaurant Lime and Basil. This day of hearts, they are offering a delicious five course meal for you and your loved one, which you may avail of either for lunch or dinner. For the appetizer, you have shrimps in a blanket to be dipped into plum sauce. Straight out of their name is a lovely Lime and Basil salad with a tamarind dressing then spice up your love life with a hot and sour Tom Yum Talay soup. For the main course, you have a choice of either crispy pork belly with cucumber relish and crabmeat rice or rib eye steak with red curry sauce, buttered veggies and pineapple fried rice. Let your taste buds delight in something different as you savor a Kaffir Lime Crème Brule with mangos. Drink it all down with Lime and Basil’s house blend iced tea. Isn’t that perfect?


Tagaytay Highlands Golfer’s Lounge

If you want to serenade your partner, but have neither the vocals nor talent to do so, don’t fret and let the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra Quintet do it for you this Valentine’s day. Avail of the Tagaytay Highlands Dinner for two package while listening to these five extremely talented musicians play romantic favorites. This package includes a heavenly degustation dinner, with which you fill your palette with different flavors carefully crafted by the master chefs in the Country Club’s kitchens as well as a glass of wine for the couple and fragrant flowers and divine chocolate for the gorgeous lady. In addition, you just might get to win an overnight stay for two at the luxurious Sofitel Hotel. Contact the exclusive Tagaytay Highlands now for your reservation


Romance will never die as long as there is love surrounding this planet. You may have forever to say I love you, but on this one day, show your partner how much he or she means to you with a dinner just for you two.

Highlands Condo Living

When choosing among the Tagaytay Homes for sale, you might want to consider a condominium. Why not the Woodridge Place condos at Tagaytay Highlands? It’s located in one of the most scenic and secure places that’s sure to win the heart of any buyer. Here’s the 411 on these units.

Woodridge Place


Modeled after Colorado mountain resorts, Woodridge place has two towers available: Mahogany and Linden. These two towers blend perfectly with its gorgeous nature surroundings thanks to its manor-like façade. You are surrounded by a rich, verdant scenery you surely won’t get sick of seeing anytime. Plus, since it’s located in the most exclusive country club in the Philippines, you won’t have a problem when it comes to security.

The Floors

For the Mahogany tower, there are twelve floors. The first three are for parking, with the fourth for the terrace. You will find eight regular units, while on the third to seventh floor you will see our regular condos, with eight units each floor. On the eighth to 12th floors are our luxurious penthouse units with four units on each floor. In total, there are 63 units.

For Linden tower, we have twelve above ground and one below ground. The bottom floor is designated for parking while the second is for the terrace. On the terrace you will find eight regular units. The next nine floors are for the regular units, with eleven on each one. The thirteenth floor certainly cannot be called unlucky as you will see four Penthouse units on it, bringing the total number of units in the Linden tower to 113.


The Units

Of course, not all units have the same layout, nor number of bedrooms; for the Mahogany tower alone, you have eight to choose from! Let’s break them down from the number of bedrooms to the size of each unit.


For the terrace floor, you have eight two-bedroom units with three different floor areas, namely 172.30 sq. meters, 161.34 sq. meters, and 160.88 sq. meters. All of the units on the third to seventh floor are two bedroom units as well, with choice of 112.37 sq. meters, 85.42 sq. meters and 115.28 sq. meters. The penthouse units located on floors 8 to 12 have a three or four bedroom option. The three bedroom unit comes in at 147.83 sq. meters and the four bedroom units are 212.24 sq. meters.


There are four one-unit bedrooms on the Terrace. The premiere terrace suites are 105.63 sq. meters while the regular units are 114.36 sq. meters. Just for the terrace are two-bedroom units measuring 149.48 sq. meters and 142.37 sq. meters. For the second to twelfth floor, three sizes of one-bedroom units are available to you: 57.52 sq. meters, 56.73 sq. meters and 41.18 sq. meters.

Available on floors 2 to 12 are these two-bedroom units: 77.79 sq. meters and 87.68 sq. For third to twelfth, a 91.05 sq. meter unit is for your picking. Exclusive for the Penthouse units are the three-bedroom and four-bedroom option. The three-bedroom unit comes in at 159.28 sq. meters while the spacious four-bedroom unit is 240.77 sq. meters.

Features and Amenities

Upon entering the lobby, you will be amazed by the absolutely stunning main lobby. It won’t take forever to go from parking to penthouse as each building is equipped with two high-speed elevators. While the rest of the city is experiencing blackout, you can relax and breathe easy because Woodridge place is ready– there’s an emergency power supply system for these kind of situation. Your children can also have fun in the sun as they chase each other around the Children’s playground. Or, if you want some me time with hubby, check out the landscaped gardens or two parks nearby where you can also have a picnic. The viewing deck/podium activity area is available for you as well. If you have drivers with you, you need not worry about their accommodations as Woodridge Place has a common drivers’ quarters.

Now, Tagaytay can get really chilly, but that does not mean you have to freeze as you shower because there’s a built-in hot water supply. You certainly won’t miss a call or your favorite TV show for Woodridge Place has provisions for cable TV and a telephone line. In addition, if you’ve burned your cooking, the fumes and scent will not penetrate your furniture as each home has a range, range hood and refrigerator in the kitchen. Isn’t that convenient? We spoke of security earlier and here’s why you need not worry: there’s a 24 hour security to keep you safe.


Woodridge place is most certainly a great option for a weekend home, if not, a permanent home. Remember, a home need not be a house as long as your heart is in it.

Feng Shui Tips For Everyone!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Get ready to ring in good fortune as we celebrate Chinese New Year! As you and your neighbors prepare to celebrate in your Tagaytay Luxury Homes, prepare your home for this celebration with Feng Shui.

But what is Feng Shui?

Translating to “wind-water”, Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy believing the positioning, structure and design of buildings or the arrangement of a room can affect the harmony and energy flow of a person’s life. In the end, the ultimate goal is to bring good fortune and balance into the lives or business of the person. Follow these tips and you are sure to encourage nothing but great fortune this year.


Start At The Front

Grab a broom and start cleaning your front door! The entryways to your home must be pristine, whether it be the hallway, foyer, porch or lobby. Make these areas presentable with a new rug or a newly painted hall. This is sure to welcome in all the good fortune you want for this year.

Unclutter That Desk!

If you have a study or an office at home, you better spend a few minutes at your desk and start throwing away any unnecessary papers or files. If you don’t need it, junk it. Don’t stop there– fix that table! Leaving your desk a mess means unfinished business from the past year, certainly something you do not want for this year.


Pay Attention to Directions

Pay attention to the Southwest as the Feng Shui number 8 star of wealth is in this direction this year. This number has long been associated with wealth and fortune in the orient for years, thus the reason why one must pay special homage to this corner. Since it is the year of the fire monkey, decorate it with Fire or earth decors like candles, wooden ornaments, pottery, crystals, and handmade glass baubles. You can also use green, red, orange, pink and brown colors here. Avoid placing anything from the metal element in this corner  such as metallic bowls or accoutrements. The sole exception to this are Chinese coins. Feel free to display your Feng Shui cures such as your gem tree, wealth vase, Tiger’s Eye feng shui crystal and money frog. In addition, keep that place pristine and lovely to keep the energy flowing.

Be Positive

For hundreds of years, the Chinese have been using incense in numerous rituals and cultural activities such as religious ceremonies and traditional medicine. Incense is also known as “xiang” and can also serve as an art form called “xiangdao’. For 2016, it is an absolute must have for any household that wants to do away with any pessimism; light nine incense sticks at nine in the morning every day. This is sure to push out any negative energy for the positive energy is at its top form at this hour.

These recommendations are sure to bring in good fortune for you this Chinese New Year, but remember hard work is sure to bring even more luck to you.