“Fall has come!” 5 Country-Style Wedding Tips

You may have seen magazine or newspaper articles featuring gorgeous Tagaytay Weddings, and now you want one of your own. Where else will you have it but the exclusive Tagaytay Highlands Country Club? After all, one vital element to your wedding is the theme.

Now, don’t just rely on your wedding planner —suggest some ideas of your own! Why not a Country themed wedding? Country-themed weddings tend to have a more informal vibe as compared to other themes, wherein you really have to break out the three-piece suits and flashy jewelry. It’s also a great theme to pick if what you want is a wedding where people can just kick off their heels and relax. Here are a few tips to help you have that rustic wedding you’ve always wanted.

Tagaytay Highlands Wedding

Wedding Venue

If you are having a church wedding, tall silver cans filled with baby’s breath will do the trick beautifully. Whole and pieces of horseshoes tied together to form a heart will also look wonderful on each pew.

For a garden wedding, a plain, white arbor just won’t do the trick for your theme, but a wooden one with flower garlands decorating the arch definitely will. A curtained arbor with wooden stumps on each end will also be perfect for the wedding. If archways are not your thing, create a curtain of wine corks stringed together with rope or jute twine.


Of course, clothing is of utmost importance, especially on your wedding day. Do away with those tuxedoes and black ties—your theme does not call for this. Go for navy blue or gray suspenders instead.

For the bride, carry a bouquet of wildflowers in place of vibrant red roses. If you do want roses in your bouquet, choose cream and white flower. You can even mix in a dew green buds.


Placecards determine where each person sits on every table. Instead of just a card with their name on it, use a string to tie your guest’s name on their soup bowl, or make it edible by placing sugar cookies atop each plate with their names iced on each piece.

For your centerpiece, take a small, colored pail and fill it with your favorite flowers. For something a little out of the ordinary, a brightly painted birdhouse will be absolutely eye-catching and unique. In addition, you may want something a little fruity, so place baskets on each table and fill them with apples, pears, and other fruits your guests can munch on.


Cake tends to be one of the best parts of the wedding, especially if you slice it up to be served to your guests. Do not go with neon orange or magenta. A tiered, ecru wedding cake with a brown ribbon on the bottom of each tier accentuated by edible sunflowers would be your best bet. If you want to be on trend, discard the excessive frosting and have a naked cake decorated with powdered sugar and berries.

Throw away that cliché topper of yours and go with a couple of sparrows or your initials inside woodburned inside a heart.

Wedding Favors

If you look inside your glass display case at home, you may notice several figurines which serve as a reminder of a friend or relative’s wedding. Instead of swan figures, how about something smart and practical that you guests will truly be able to use and enjoy? Sticking with your theme, how about your wedding cake in a mason jar or chocolate bars with a custom, vintage print wrapper? If you love to cook, share your passion by giving out your favorite herbs like basil or thyme in the form of small, potted plants.

Eat, drink and celebrate your union with the person you will spend the rest of your life with. And remember, the key to a country wedding is simplicity at its best.